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Data Insights – Power BI (Know the Trends Your Data Uncovers)

Each visual tile you create on your dashboard in Power BI leads the way into data that can be explored. When a tile is selected, it opens a report or a Q&A for business users. The opened report lets a user filter and dig into the information behind the report. What insights do in Power BI, is it does the data exploration for you. Insights can be run on dashboard tiles, reports visuals and report pages/datasets.

Insights in Power BI finds interesting facts or trends in the data, relayed as interactive visuals. Not only can you run insights on a specific dashboard tile, but you can run insights on an insight created, to dig even deeper into more trends. You can continue to run insights on insights to keep drilling down deeper into the data.

There are about 10 insights that Power BI can locate with dashboard tiles.

1. Category outliers

2. Change points in a time series

3. Correlation

4. Low Variance

5. Majority

6. Outliers

7. Overall trends in time series

8. Seasonality in time series

9. Steady share

10. Time series outliers

Insights can also be pinned to your dashboard (or a new dashboard) as if you created the visual and can be reviewed at later times by viewing visuals.

So, dig into your data and look for trends that explore interesting facts about what your data is uncovering.

When exploring trends in data which solutions are giving you the best insights?

  • 0%Excel

  • 0%Power BI

  • 0%Tableau

  • 0%Manual report gathering

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