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Power BI Connection with QuickBooks Online

Power BI is an incredible Business Intelligence tool (for structured and unstructured data) that connects to many ERP solutions like Dynamics 265, SAP, Oracle, but small and medium sized businesses using QuickBooks Online are also able to reimagine their data with Power BI.

Power BI can assist businesses using QuickBooks Online visualize finance data and uncover new insights into cash flow, profitability, customers and more. These reports generated in Power BI can be shared with colleagues, refresh data on a schedule or on demand, and monitor the latest income and expenses.

QuickBooks Online would be connected to Power BI through the online service selection.

Power BI will make the connection and you would sign in with your QuickBooks Online credentials. From there you will be able to create datasets, reports and dashboard from QuickBooks Online in Power BI.

Note, that if you must transform data and make changes to data prior to loading the data to create reports, the connection with QuickBooks Online must remain (you can’t log out of QuickBooks Online). For companies with vast amounts of data, you can always filter transaction dates when you are transforming the data to focus on certain periods prior to loading data.

Connect away, get the reports and data from your QuickBooks Online information to visualize and report to manage the business. Make reports and visualizations that can be shared and updated in real time.

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