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Powering Your Processes Through Automation

As business grows and seek new markets, business management solutions will need to be there to support the organization to be able to manage customers, sales/marketing, workforce expansion, supply chain and inventory, and accounting needs. In growth, the first focus maybe on manually handling operations rather than implementing solutions that can streamline processes and procedures. As the manual processes and procedures expand it puts a demand on the organization’s ability to be agile and innovative.

Opening in new markets, bring new products and services, require agility. Manual processes can reduce the overall productivity of the organization and increase the time spent on basic tasks, which diminishes the time to bring real value to the company. Proper business management solutions and business management could better equip the organization with the ability to being more innovative and creating a well-equipped workforce to help the company reach new heights.

Organizations automate 25%-40% of their workflows (Cognizant Center for the Future of Work). This provides an opportunity for organizations to increase automation within workflow processes. There are manual tasks happening in all industry.

So, if there is minimal automation across all industries, why haven’t there been more automation considered?

  • Old legacy systems are sometimes difficult to integrate into modern applications

  • Core business processes often have some exceptions that may not easily integrate into automate processes, but can be overcome through rethinking the process

  • The workload for IT departments by various business requirements sometimes doesn’t allow them to address all the project requests.

Manual processes can cost a business time and money.... IT PRODUCES:

  • Reduction in productivity – copying and pasting information, manually entering data from one system into another system instead of seeking solutions to integrate

  • data, uses valuable time and overburdens staff to managing basic tasks

  • Slow customer response and interaction – Not having the ability to provide quality customer service or keep abreast of meeting customer needs or demands, slows down sales customer support and ultimately customer loyalty and retention.

  • Employee frustration with increased work hours to manage manual processes, leads to increasing labor and labor costs just to manage the workflow processes.

  • Minimal visibility into processes which produces the inability to measure effectiveness of processes, areas for improvement and re-evaluation and the ability to the make the appropriate changes that will improve processes. Data is not actively collected to measure these processes and there will be no ability to understand which processes are having a positive effect on the organization.

  • Inability to be innovative and access new markets, manual processes, and the ability to automate takes employees away from nurturing a workforce that is business building and customer oriented, that can incorporate strategic activities

Many organizations have departments that may have processes that are unique to them. Looking at those tasks that are redundant and seeking a business management solution that can automate those basic tasks are a great start before deciding to do an entire solution replacement.

Areas within the organization, businesses can seek to automate:

  • Document and file sharing solutions (within the organization and outside the organization)

  • Accounts Receivable invoicing and automation for customers coupled with online payment capabilities

  • Accounts Payable invoices automation from vendors into ERP or accounting solution

  • Purchase Order automation and approvals with spending limits

  • Sales Orders automation with direct invoicing

  • Report automation with email notifications and automation

Seek the power of automation, YOU WILL DRIVE RESULTS in your business, with your customers and workforce. Get informed about how automating manual processes can have a profound impact on your business.


Let us know which processes are overwhelming your business, talk with an expert at or chat with an expert about a solution that is able to assist with certain tasks. Email if you would like to start a chat.

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