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Take Your Data to The Next Level - Connect Your Data with Power BI

Connecting your data to Power BI is the first step in building models and reports. Once your data is connected, you will be able to model and visualize the data, thus personalizing reports and KPI’s and creating amazing data experiences.

Make the most of your big data environments by connecting to all your data sources (structured and unstructured) where reports and visualizations can be shared and insights can be promoted. The connection of data helps to maintain data accuracy, consistency, and security of the data. With Power BI, you are able to connect to various types of data. You can connect to Excel files, online services, web pages, databases, text/CSV files, folders and so much more.

When you connect to your data source, Power BI loads and reads the contents and shows the available data in the file, using the Navigator window. From the Navigator window you will be able to choose what information you would like to load into Power BI.

Once you have imported your data into Power BI, it is essential to clean and transform the data in Power Query before you build your reports or visualizations so there is accurate reporting.

So, get ready to take your data to the next level!!

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