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Tech Savvy Transitions? Enrich with Engaging Learning Strategies!

So now you have decided that a new solution is needed to meet the needs of the organization. So much needs to happen with getting the solution fully implemented.

·       Upgrading/installing new solution

·       Implementing modules/aspect of the solution

·       Data Migration

·       Designing/Customizing solution to meet your needs

·       Testing/Comparing the solution

·       Auditing results of implementation

·       And oh yes, learning the solution

Learning and knowledge take on a whole new meaning with the right training approach. Who will be handling the training? Will you hire an external trainer, implement a train-the-trainer program, or have everyone involved in training and supporting each other?

No matter what you decide is correct for your organization and budget, you still need to have a training process, equipped with materials, learning tutorials, collaborative sessions that will assist each learner and trainer in their journey. Training initiatives also need to be measured and surveyed so you know where there are successes and where additional support is warranted.

People have diverse learning styles and levels. Therefore, it's important to incorporate various learning paths to ensure all types of learners can grasp the necessary knowledge to succeed.


Helping someone learn new technology can be approached through various methods that go beyond traditional visuals and classroom settings. Here are some effective strategies:

·       Documentation and Manuals

·       Interactive Tutorials and Simulations

·       Live Classroom

·       Role Play

·       Analogies and Storytelling

·       Practice Sessions

·       Hands-On Practice

·       Mentorship/Peer Learning

·       Discussion Groups and Forums

·       Self-Paced Online Courses

·       One-on-One Coaching

·       Feedback and Reflection

You want to create a rich, supportive learning environment that caters to various learning styles and preferences, making the process of acquiring new technological skills more effective and enjoyable.

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