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The Winning Combination: Blending Efficiency with Personalized Experience

Stand out - Your Customers Matter!!

Efficiency and experience need to be collaborative, and you shouldn’t separate the two, they are combined to give your clients a unique experience with your product and service. Focusing on one over the other will not lead to driving business success.

For instance, retailers working with self-checkout (creating greater efficiency) need to also include the customer experience so as not to predict what the store wants but what would make it better for the customer.

A great way to improve upon efficiency and experience balance is to utilize customer data to understand trends that are happening. Measure levels of manual silos and aspects that would create efficiency within the organization. Using data driven information and measuring can lead to greater insights to approve upon both efficiency and experience.

For example, if you are using a Customer Relationship/Customer Service solution to better track and meet the customer needs, your service department (utilizing efficiency) will:

· Have and gather insights easier,

· Have 1st hand knowledge of customer history

· Intellectual information on best customer support

· Resolution scenarios to best address situation

· Higher close/resolution ratios

It also gives you opportunities (utilizing better service) to use and measure:

· Customer service satisfaction

· Product Returns

· Defects in products/service

· Customer product service preference

· Marketing/Sales on products/services important to customers

· Ease in working and connecting with customer service

· Escalation processes

· Needs of customers being met

· Returning customer probability, etc.

When combined, efficiency and service can be a winning combination for both your company and customers, whereas separately, they may result in frustration!

Take the next step in improving your customer relationships and boosting your business success. Call us to get started optimizing CRM with service today!

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